Can I see another copy of the information sheet that arrived with my Zuzu Parade Animal?  Yes, please click here.

When will my order ship? Orders typically ship within 24-48 hours. 

Do you provide International Shipping? We currently only ship within the USA.

What is the best way to wash my Zuzu Parade?  Machine wash the cover (not the bucket!) on a cold, gentle cycle (no bleach) . Zuzu Parade characters should be air dried. Please do not iron the characters.

Can I have my Zuzu Parade dry cleaned? Yes, Zuzu Parade covers can be dry cleaned.

Can I store other products in my Zuzu Parade once assembled?  Yes, the Zuzu Parade buckets are designed to conveniently provide storage for child-safe products.

Should the Zuzu Parade Animal Cover fit very tightly over the bucket? Yes, this is by design! The tight fit of the Zuzu Parade covers maximizes stability.