Parenting Healthy: "...a stool or chair for them to love for years." Posted on 16 Dec 16:28

Perhaps the solution to have your child pick up their toys is here for you with the Zuzu parade of animal storage totes with 2 functions. The first function is the bright red bucket used to store items. Then you slide your animal cover on that is plush and it becomes a seat that works great near a small desk or table for your child.

Boston Herald: Zuzu Parade marches in to brighten a child’s room -- and life Posted on 25 Nov 15:38

When it comes to toy storage and kids’ furniture, there’s nothing quite as adorable and cuddly as the six animals that make up Zuzu Parade.

These new toys -- we’ll call them toys because children no doubt will treat them as such -- are perfect companions for any animal-loving youngster. There’s an elephant, horse, lion, turtle, walrus and whale -- all brightly-colored with cute faces. They sell for $69.99 each.

Zuzu’s come packed inside a red bucket. The bucket becomes the stool’s compartment as the animal’s washable fabric skin is stretched around the bucket. features Zuzu Parade in its holiday gift guide Posted on 11 Nov 17:21

"Don't forget those new moms who share holiday gifts with their babies. Who can resist the lovable and cuddly Zuzu Parade Stuffed Animal Stool? This unique stuffed animal-turned-furniture not only brightens the nursery, bedroom or play area, it doubles as a chair, footstool and storage container. The handy compartment inside the stool is a great place to keep the kids' toys, books and art projects. Choose from six different characters: lion (pictured above), elephant, turtle, walrus, horse and whale."

Zuzu Parade is featured on Hallmark TV's Home & Family Posted on 29 Oct 14:24

Zuzu Parade's lion was on TV and was named as one of Kristin Smith's "Mommy-Must-Haves"!

Zuzu Parade Gets Five Stars from Posted on 05 Oct 17:22

"Overall, I love the soft fabric, quality build and over-the-top cute design of these innovative, functional and practical storage stools. One would make an awesome gift for a young child on your list. Saddle up partner, this one is a keeper."

The Review Stew Features Zuzu Parade! Posted on 05 Oct 17:17

"If you need a cute kid's room decor piece that is also multi-functional as storage and stool, this line from Zuzu Parade is definitely for you!"